Grrrlquake (grrrlquake) wrote,

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do you not see me laying here
among the wreckage...
do you only see yourself
you keep unwrapping the same package

light that match, please
i got the gasoline
i'll hand it to you and look the other way
as you light up what's left of my dreams

cause you don't get it
you keep pretending you do
and i keep calling your bluff
and it's all you can keep from admitting to

i hope one day someone makes you feel as lonely
as your presence has made me
what you don't realize is that all i want
is for you to let me be

just walk away
like you've done before
it looks much better fitted on you
than that look-alike fake remorse

keep your excuses
they aren't that good anyways
and i'll sleep tight at night
without any runaways
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