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We shake hands like it’s the first time we’ve said goodbye. We press restart, the button begging to be pressed again. And then we look at each other and shrug, “what did we do?”, you ask. We set a time capsule in motion, we reversed the past. Like that moment when you first wake, and roll over to see the sun. It encapsulates the space, our energies bursting the barrier as time becomes undone. Each day a new chance. A new yet familiar embrace, like déjà vu, it makes us pause.

deep within the folds of my mind you are tossing and turning, your limbs burning holes in my predetermined idea of what this was supposed to become. you've taken my whole disposition and tossed it as far up as you could, and as the pieces come raining down on your head you aren't sure if you should run for cover or get drenched.
just submit to the downpour.

i am submerging my hands deep within my surface, pulling out the roots to expose the most tender pieces of me.
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i hate the catalyst for your writing....
but it makes you write the best