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final say

you put me in that box, then told me to step out of it. two bodies and four corners, you let me pick up the props.
your mess strewn among the furniture. your breath floating in my proximity.
i wish that i had some solace.
i just keep trying to find sleep's nudge.

cause i lay alone at night lonely, although i prefer it this way.
it's value surpassed your warmth somewhere along the final say.

we were like an epic written backwards in two time. a simple fallacy following: book, chapter, verse one.
but i miss you more than words can say.
and i wish that i lay where you lay.

visits with flowers in hand are something new to me. they seem to wither before i step foot in the door.
nothing is perfect enough for how i wanted to make it for you.
and now i'm jaded in the worst possible way.
apathy's got her hands all over me.

as cold as it may be, i still prefer it this way.
diminishing your warmth somewhere along the final say.
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